Al GreenStanding In The Rain

I’ve been standing in the rain The cold hard driving rain I withstood all the pain Standing out here in the rain Do you know my name? Mister undo the pain and shame Now, now, everything is in my hand I’m standing out here in the rain, hey Write this down if you can I’m a cold hardworking man, yeah See this guitar in my hand, yeah I’m standing out here in the rain, hey, hey Summer time, let it rain Let it rain, hey, hey Summer time, oh yeah, yeah, yeah Out on the town, oh yeah Standing, standing here Standing here, standing here Standing, standing here Yes sir, alright, oh yeah Hey, hey, hey, yeah, hey, hey I’ma keep on standing right here Standing out here, standing Standing, standing out here Oh yeah, oh my, my, my, my My, my, my, my, my Somebody help it rain Somebody help it rain No, no, no somebody stop the rain Stop it, stop the rain, yeah, hey, oh Yes sir, stop the rain Yes sir, hey © 2018