C.W. McCallLivin' Within My Means

(Ron Agnew) Well, I was a poor boy Just a-kickin' around Eighteen, with a head full a' dreams Took some money back then Did a year in the pen For not livin' within my means I worked ev'ry day I did my time the hard way I walked out a' that place feelin' clean I got a job, a guitar I bought an old beat-up car Started livin' within my means Fell in love with a beautiful lady, of sorts But she was ruthless, restless, and mean She left me one day And now I've had to pay For not lovin' within my means Then I took to drinkin' To drive her from my mind And it helps me forget her, it seems I just drink now and then Only now I'm drunk again For not drinkin' within my means Now I know that I'm dyin' But I don't worry none 'Cause I know my soul He'll redeem But what bothers me Unless they bury me free Is I won't even die within my means But when the dyin's all over An' I come back again Say "to hell" with self-pride and esteem I'll get born in my teens An' I'll stick to my dreams Try dreamin' within my means
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