C.W. McCallTwo-Way Lovin'

(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis) Ev'ry evenin', when the sun goes down And nobody can see me I get my Chevy an' I cruise around Makin' love on my CB I say, "Breaker broker for the Wolfman, baby We lookin' for Red Ridin' Hoods We definitely wants to modulate We on the side, in the woods" [Chorus] Two-way lovin' That's all I want to doo-woo-woo Two-way lovin' That's all I ever want to doo-oo-oo-oo-oo An' she say "My, what a big pair of ears you have." [Chorus] Mama wants an eighty-eight Now the other evenin' I was all alone Wasn't nothin' to do I called my baby on my microphone Says, "Hello, where is you?" She said her twenty was a-Grandma's place (Which is down in the woods) I ask her do she want to modulate? Like a good Hood should [Chorus] Love me baby, hold me tight Kiss me with your little mike Don't you turn your squelch on me Two-way lovin' That's all I ever want to doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo Doo-doo? She say, "My, what a big 10-4 you have, baby" [Chorus] Mama hold your mike up tight Daddy treat your beaver right Gonna modulate all night
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