Boz ScaggsSweet Release

I was born on a side road far from here While the town was burning out my dark window I was crowned with a cage of cold barbed wire And my bottle I keep with me even till now Curse my pain, curse the sunrise every dawn Those sidewalks ran me ragged, those cracks my only guide Long for midnight, long for darkness sweet release Beg the alleys for your endless time to cease Screaming blackbird on my shoulders Mark my nearness to his youth Left my senses reeling as he cried, "I understand you" (Sweet release, sweet release) Try the handle, try the doorway, try the path Try to enter, to enter and to find some solace there, there In this clearing, you'll find nothing but a song Give it breath, give it sunshine and with you it will belong, belong It will whisper, it will stir a gentle breeze, its hands are your hands They will take you where you please, if you please Will you choose to be gentle? It's just your life whatever you feel Are we blind for a reason or is it just to make it real, real? (Sweet release, sweet release) Show me do, give me seashells for my ears Tell your neighbors and forgive them for their fears (Sweet release, sweet release, sweet release) © 2017