Randy NewmanHappy Ending

I feel the hot wind blowin' from the west to the east I feel the hot wind blowin', can't get no relief I feel the hot wind blowin', ev'ry day and ev'ry night I feel my confidence growin' and I know I'm gonna be alright I see the volcanoes 'rupting and erupting, red walls of fire I got corruption, seduction, destruction, reproduction I got Las Vegas in my mind, seem like it's stuck up in there Like it's been up there for all times You can take your desert Goddamn it, give me mine 'Cause I got Las Vegas in my mind Through these portals, pass the rich and the famous Through these portals, pass the very best at what they do Man, they're the greatest, it's the land of giant women But the little man is king, here in Las Vegas Man, they got ev'rything, run with it They got English girls with legs so long You gotta use a stepladder to lick their love thing It's a family place too now, so bring the kids along They're gonna have a real good time here They got wild women from Borneo Playin' the piano in your bungalow They got monkey women from the Amazon Or something really funky from the lands beyond They're here in Las Vegas They're here in Las Vegas, Las Vegas [Incomprehensible] Man, I'm speaking in tongues
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