Boz ScaggsCall Me

There is a place in the heart of this city A little sun comes shining through, yeah For once in my life I can feel like The sun is shining for me too ‘Cause in my life It’s never been this way before Some thing's calling me, calling now Yeah, it’s calling now Did you ever think, well, love ain't right for me Though you try and try It's one of those things make you feel like It's just not meant to be ‘Cause in my life I never felt this way before But you call me, babe, call me now Yeah, you call me now You just call Call me, babe, call me now You better call me now The other night I'm down at Slim's place This melody comes drifting through, yeah The thing is this song's got some blue eyes And stands about five foot two Now it's my life And someone’s knocking at the door ‘Cause you call me, baby, call me now You better call me now If you call Call me baby, call me now You better call me now Call me, baby, call me, girl Just call me, call me girl Call me, call me now Call me now Call, call me, baby © 2018