Al GreenWhat A Wonderful Thing Love Is

Oh, what a wonderful thing love is Oh, I can see you standing there now And your the prettiest thing in the crowd And guess who be laughin' loud, but me You made me see the love that you're givin' me Baby, won't you hold my hand? Now, that kinda makes a fool understand Just let me know that I'm your man And show I'm not ashamed I walk the floor when you leave me Hey baby, I don't know 'bout you But let me tell what I'm gonna do I'm gonna try to make my dreams come true With you, with you Baby, yeah, I wanna say I been cryin' without your love The night time find me Wetting my pillow, but I Yeah, I don't, I don't mind, no, but if you You just let me say it again, I've been cryin' I wish our trouble would leave me alone But I've been cryin' Oh, come on and stop the rain right now Yeah, stop the rain, stop the rain, stop the rain Baby, baby, yeah Oh, what a wonderful thing love is © 2015