Lee BriceFour On The Floor

Verse 1: We got the horses moving We got the woofers grooving We got the waylon wailin Everybody's head is bobbin I got the muffler flowin I got my horn a-blowin I got the rubber burnin Down on all fours... Pull in the club We hear the band bang Roll through the door Everybody hey-hey's Chorus: Four on the floor Feel the beat in your soul Movin to the rhythym Pumpin til ya can't take no more Dance if you want to Do what you came to You can't ignore the feeling Of that four on the floor **Aw yeah** Verse 2: Dj is really wiggin He got the old school mixin The fellas heads are spinning All the girls are finger-lickin We got the bubbly bubblin I got her shoulders rubbin I got my game spinnin Kickin it in low... She grabs my arm Pulls me to the main stage Out on the floor Everybody sing sing (Back to chorus) Bridge: Take a little walk outside Honey wants to see my ride You know I think I might Turn on a little barry white
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