(you can be my shone) [Repeat: x12] Hey OK now mama, I know ya kind And I like em grown. Do this do that Never hold back I think I'm ready for more. So shawty I see ya thong That body is what I want I got it written in stone This bottle sippin' Patr�?�³n. However, we never, whatever This what I'm all about Big cheddar, no wetter, get better Hold on I'm gonna give you this now. Whatever, you never, on schedule I'm gonna take it to the top, I'm gonna take you to the spot, I'm gonna show you what I got But you gotta make it drop Cause you'll probably never stop Cash ain't a problem, I got dollars So get straight to the business Poppin' them collars I know if I holla, I'm looking for shawty for thinkness I'll be your personal fitness Girl I'm gonna get you addicted. So can you be, Would you be, Wont you be, Can you be My Can you be my action? [Chorus:] Cause from the way that you dancing I know you got it going on tonight. (baby, you can be my action) And I turn on the lights and the camera As soon as I can get you home tonight (whoa) (can you be my action?) Yeah. you can be my, you can be my, wish on. You can be my, whoa (hey shawty) You an be my action. Penis satisfaction. I really got a fetish. She bow-legged, that's my attraction. Set it up, yeah baby Hit the black berry, that's my collection. What I do on there, everything: That's sex and this is my passion. Whatever you like We turn off the lights Go ahead and show me your back's strong. The end of the night, Your treating me right, Got stacks up like a saxophone. Do you think I'm gonna keep killin' em? They're prisoners and I'm peeling em. When I wreck it, I'm feelin'. No contest, I keep drillin em. I'm gonna wait all day, Get straight to the point Raise the temperature So hot celebrate, Girl I just wanna give you this cake Lets get physical. Baddest in the club How you do that? Baby you too much. Just my luck, Let me touch, Be direct and let me cum Can you be My action? [Chorus] I live in Hollywood But I still be in the JEX. Shawty's wanna holla When they see whats on my neck. My money very long, Gotta make it stretch And when I say shone, I be talkin' bout sex. Say little mama, You know I'm gonna make you holla. Walk in the club, And we gonna toss a couple dollars. I pop her bottles Make them haters wanna follow. Ain't nothing wrong, You grown, so baby Can you be my action? [Chorus]
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