Beastie BoysShe's On It

There's no confusion in her conclusion She wants to waste my time and that's no delusion Her final decision is perfection and precision She's grade A class - number one in her division (chorus) She's on it She acts like a nag - I don't know how it started Even when I'm chillin' - she acts retarded It's gets annoying - so high on the tip If a pirate had a Def Jam shirt - she'd be hard on his tip (repeat chorus) Cold chillin' in the spot - and she won't stop She'll do what's best just to reach the top She studies real hard - all night she'll cram In school she majors in advanced Def Jam (repeat chorus) Her bedroom eyes - they start to twitch But she won't front cause she's got that itch She'd drop to her knees if I'd only say please Instead of counting sheep - cold counting Beasties (repeat chorus) Lyrics by The King Music by R. Rubin C 1986 by Def Jam Music Inc. (ASCAP)/Brooklyn Dust Music (ASCAP) rights Reserved © 2018