Take 6So Cool

Wouldn't it be cool if the whole wide world knew what I know about you (oh so cool) Wouldn't it be cool if the whole wide world could watch you makin' the dreams come true? If they could just see the things that I've seen Well then they could see what love really means (love really means) And then they'd know joy like they've never known 'Cause once they know you they're never alone So cool (so cool) So Cool (so cool) So Cool! Wouldn't it be cool if everyone could feel the way I felt the day I met you If they could feel the sweet release of finding perfect peace Of knowing that their life is brand new And then they could leave their worries behind (leave their worries behind) And then they could smell each rose - each rose they find (ooh and then they leave their worries behind) And then they'd have the friend that their hearts are longing for And you know what, they won't be alone anymore So cool (so cool) So cool (so cool) So cool! [Vamp:] (So cool!) Cooler than the cool that's in an ocean breeze (ooh ah!) Cooler than watching Mohammed Ali (Ow!) bring Frazier to his knees (so cool!) Cooler than the coolest cool that miles could ever blow Cooler than every relative theory that Einstein could ever know (now ain't that cool) Cooler than singin' on the corner (bop shuwop) watchin' pennies fall in the hat (Shu-be-do) Cooler than watchin' Bird be-bop or watchin' Ella do a scat (scat) Cooler than being on the cover on a famous magazine (that would be cool) Cooler than-ooh! Wearing fancy shades in a long stretch limousine (so cool) Cooler than being Michael Jordan (be like Mike) And winning every game (yea!) And everyone in the whole wide world knowing you by your name (cool) Cooler than pockets full of money and a schedule full of time Cooler than your name lights on Broadway with people waiting in line [Chorus:] So Cool (so cool) So Cool (so cool) if the whole wide world knew what I knew That would be so cool! So cool (so cool) If the whole wide world knew what I knew it would be so cool
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