Take 6I L-O-V-E U

You thought it would be easy Something like a shopping spree But living life n limbo Created your catastrophe Now you say you´re sorry - And that´s good But it´s not over yet But if you want me to forgive you I´ll be willing to forget it ever happened Erase it from my mind I gave my life to save you That´s the plan that I designed, because [Chorus] I L-O-V-E you I L-O-V-E you Put your trust in me ´Cause I L-O-V-E Y-O-U Lately you´ve been thinkin´ That you´re the captain of the see But when your ship was sinkin´ Your transportation back was me (Do you remember?) Now you have concluded That you need someone to navigate Which leads me to the question "When can we affiliate?" I know survival Is not an easy task I´ve always been the answer But I thought you´d never ask, you see [Chorus: x 2] I´m more than a-ble Like a beacon in the night To see that you don´t Ever lose Your way Because your d-fense is Defective Even at its best But my f-forts will never Fail because (G) (H) I (J) (K) L-O-V-E U I L-O-V-E U Put your trust in me ´Cause I L-O-V-E Y-O-U
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