Take 6So Much 2 Say

Gotta make this quick Gotta make it stick Better begin So listen up Won´t you give an ear To hear a hip communique So much 2 say So little time (And it flies when you´re having fun, so) Takin´ it slow (Only got about a minute) Ain´t aprapos (Not too many seconds in it) And none too spare A consequence some are unaware of As many through sequential and historic ages... Hold...(...have been)...your horses No time for excess chitter-chat mess (What?) So much 2 say (Oh!) So little (time) If you can be attentive The talk´ll be preventive --A cure for cataclysmic strife The rule is not exemptive But it is redemptive --A formula for richer life So much 2 say So little... Time is the indefinitely limitable durational Within eventuality distinguished from infinity We hath not much time... And yet we have So much 2 say So much 2 say So much 2 say... Meaningful moments Are far and few between You gotta seize the meaning (If you see what I mean) Say what?
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