Take 6Harmony

In a symphony there's unity all the sounds agree From the violin to the timpani all the parts play the same melody Chords of sound timbres resound all arround there's harmony [Chorus:] Join the band sing in harmony Take a stand fight for unity Strike a chord hear the harmony One accord one family From a different place background or race various styles and tastes But when I love you and you love me Hand in hand that's the way it should be Can't we see we could be free why can't the world live in harmony [Chorus:] I'll hold you up never let you down If we can work together that's harmony So let's get along everyone sing the same song No need to fight no right or wrong [Alt. Chorus:] (Come on) join the band and sing in harmony Take a stand fight for unity Black and white together we can face all kinds of weather No storm can sever when we're one family [Alt. Chorus] [Rap:] There's so many flavors in the world Then you gotta let'em flow, and spread A little love so they have a chance to grow And spread more love to the brother Who's adjacent to another brother of another color, yo! Don't ya know there's nothin' we can't do If you stand for me and I stand for you Cease the perpetuation of hatred in our nation And star improving our relations Latifah in the mix with Take 6 Extending the lease on peace, with patience Hailing the harmony, you arm in arm with me Showing unity from Kansas to Carnesie I believe I believe it can be done But it can't be done unless we can be one So let the sun shine in friend Before you reach your end-ing [Alt. Chorus] [Chorus:]
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