Gregg AllmanOncoming Traffic

Tuesday nighttime, standing on the highway Seems like no one, no one, is going my way yeah Was I waiting on the wrong side of the road I just don't give a damn, which way I go, yeah Tell me where has my faith gone Has it walked out on me Or does it still lie, somewhere inside of me Your just to close, for my tired eyes to see, yeah Tell me when, when is my ship gonna come in I ain't cold I ain't hungry, gotta little money to spend But a man cannot live oh no, on riches alone He needs love friendship and a home Without these he stands alone, oh There are some many roads, which you been to Or somebody by you win, others you will lose Lord it ain't never been so clear It is always, lord it is always, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah What is all love to you All up to you now baby © 2018