Tracy ChapmanFor A Dream

I picture us together Framed in gold leaf On the mantle with the others One big happy family But that snapshot can't be found And I don't trust my memory But it's alright it's alright For a dream I imagine we are gathered But this time not dressed in black There's laughing and smiling Not stabbing in the back But it's too good to be true And too bad I still recall the screams [Chorus:] I keep half the picture Mostly in my mind Mama dressed in white Ripped when she held your hand Showing no signs of age Just slightly frayed along the seam [Chorus:] It's alright All that I can claim It's alright And it will have to do It's alright Better than the pain It's alright Better than the truth It's alright Alright for a dream It's alright Better than fate and the great scheme It's alright It's alright For christmas and for New Year I wish and I resolve But I'm disappointed by myself Jesus and Santa Claus I want to believe She's been saved And he's be redeemed And it's alright it's alright For a dream © 2018