NickelbackNext Go Round

I wanna do it 'till the sun comes up Until we're both so good and sweaty That we can't stand up I wanna do it 'till we're both about to drop As long as we're tied up together Then we're never gonna stop I wanna go until the neighbors all complain Because they heard somebody screamin' And they think we're both in pain I wanna go so long your parents think you've died There gonna call the cops, the CIA, and then the FBI [Chorus] Yeah, We're gonna love it when the lights go down Hold on here we go Yeah, We're gonna go until our legs give out Round and round we go Yeah, We're gonna do it hanging upside down Up and down we go Yeah, We're getting ready for the next go round Round and round we go So shut the windows, lock the doors, unplug the phone For all intents and purposes there ain't nobody home Then we can do it 'till the batteries are done And borrow two from the TV remote To turn this thing back on I wanna cover you with jello in the tub We can roll around for hours without ever comin' up I want you naked with your favorite heels on Slap John Deere across my ass And ride me up and down the lawn [Chorus: x2] © 2017