Kanye WestSwagga Like Us

[Kanye West] Mr. West is in the buildin Swagga on a hundred thousand trillion Ay yo, I know I got it first I'm Christopher Columbus and y'all just the pilgrims Thanksgiving, do we even got a question? [?] I pass the dressing My attitude is tattooed, that mean it's permanent So I guess we should address it huh? My swagga is Mcjagga Every time I breathe on the track, I asthma attack it Why he so mad for? Why he gotta have it? Cuz I slave my whole life, now I'm the master Naaaaanaaaaanaaaaaaa! How it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine? Naaaaanaaaaanaaaaaaa! Tryna get that koby number, one over jordon [Jay-Z] Gotta bop like this Can't wear skinny jeans Cuz my knots don't fit No one on the corner Gotta pocket like this So I rock Roc jeans Cuz my knots so thick You can learn how to dress Just by Jocking my fresh Jocking jocking my fresh Jocking jocking my fresh Follow my steps It's the road to success Where the niggas think you thorough And the girls say yes But I can't teach you my swag You can pay for school But you can't buy class School of hard knocks I'm a grad All blue Yankee Is my graduation cap Hoooooooovvvvaaa Dipping different rovas [?] Wipping with the soda [?] Hoooooooovvvvaaa Could you even have any doubt After doutbt it was ova. [Lil' Wayne] No one on the corner has swagger like moi, Chuch! But I'm too clean for these boys I require what I desire I got stripes Adidas Mami scream papi no mas Run up in yo shit just me no moss Runnin this shit like I got four thighs No one has swagger like these 4 guys When it comes to styles I got several Sharper than a swagger dagger all metal And my Ju-elz blue and yellow Type of shit that make em call you Carmelo Rules as follows stay true to the ghetto Write yo name on the bullet make you feel special Ha! What the fuck you boys talking about? I know it's us cuz we the only thing you talk about! And I'm gone.. Bye [T. I.] You go see weezy for the wordplay, Jeezy for the bird play, Kanyeezy for diversity and me for controversy, All my verses picture perfect And they meant to serve a purpose, You aint living what you kicking and you worthless, Looking from the surface it may seem that I got reason to be nervous, Then observe my work and see that my adversity was worth it, Verses autobiographical, absolutely classical, last thing I'm worried bout is what another rapper do, Ain't nobody hot as me, even if they rap they ass off blast off and have outstanding qualities, Sell alotta records I respect and salute that, But spitting real life on hot beats... I'm the truth at, You kick it like me no exaggeration necessary, Living revolutionary, nothing less than legendary, Gangsta shit hereditary, got it from my dad Flow colder than February with extraordinary swag!
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