Big L8 Iz Enuff

Yo My crew is in the house Terra, herb mcgruff, buddah bless Big twan, killa kam, trooper j, and mike boogie And i'ma set it like this [ verse 1: big l ] Aiyo, folks who quote what I wrote get choked You better surrender before you get smoked You niggas be thinkin this kid is a joke? I put chumps to rest fast, when my smith-wes' blast So just dash or trespass and get your chest smashed Rap new york rules, I sport jewels and extort crews Don't get me pissed, I got a short fuse I go bezerk when I put in work or do dirt, jerk So stay alert, no smoke, cause these knuckles hurt I'm from the alley, not the valley I'm hotter than cali, wicked like harry And fuck sally, I rather marry halle I revive crowds with live styles Don't hang with jive pals Adios, ghost, I'm 5 thous' [ verse 2: terra ] Well, I'm flav, and I was down with the crime wave Now it's time saved, yo, cause now I'm a rhyme slave In '87 I sold cracks, collected some dough stacks Hold gats, a joker got his soul taxed N.o. rated, rappers you no-made it Tell the terra to rotate it, his raps are gold-plated This nigga terra is past butter, sharp like a glass cutter Ass brother, I leave your rhyme trash gutter I'm more rare, the mc in this warfare Put you in a morgue where it's too late for that lord prayer Power struck, terra drops the follow-up Sour luck, niggas got and popped and swallow nuts [ verse 3: herb mcgruff ] For those that don't know, yo, I'm herb mcgruff I'm on some murder stuff And when I talk every word is ruff Front on this and get beat bad With big bats that bruise, break bones Then wind up bloody in a bodybag Mc's are live, but I'm mad liver Aiyo, my rhymes are more funky than a afghan cab driver Step to this and get sliced with ease Ate up like rice and peas (herb, can you fight? ) yo, I'm nice with these Ask the nigga in my last bout He thought I just was on some gun shit, I had to knock his ass out Microphones I gotta tear Peace to big l, straight from hell I'm the fuck up outta here [ verse 4: buddah bless ] Aiyo, it's time to get drastic, but God bless the fantastic Herb passed it, now I melt the mic like it's plastic I rag crews cause I'm bad news In a mad move I'm servin brothers quicker than fast food Step to this and get your body blown Cause I'm a ? nomaticom? for poems I slide the hotties home Here's some advice, I'm mad nice Aiyo, I'm quick to lick the mag twice And cold take a fag's life My swellin melon got niggas jealin Aiyo, fuck bribes, I'm takin niggas lives like a felon [ verse 5: big twan ] Yo, I bust chumps like a glock 10, when I drops in The top ten is rocked when it's locked in I just abuse the flow, don't need a fuse to blow Bruise the groove slow, when I rhyme I just kill the show I got lines that's deeper than a jail Been no frail, kids get nailed and read braille when they fail Yeah, ain't I nasty, too nasty to trash me Bash me, aiyo, that's dead, so don't ask me You'd get bumped off if beef ever jumped off I never come soft, I gotta pump that sawed-off And when I let slugs out, you will get rugged out For dissin, you come up missin like a cup scout [ verse 6: killa kam ] Rappers be funny like flesh, cause they section's 80 slaughter, son Talk about nines and tecs, and never shot a watergun But killa kam, I get erratic when it comes to static There you have it, a trigger fanatic with a automatic Increase the peace that cease cause once I release My crew from the east, we leavin at least 20 police deceased, it's the beast on attack So make tracks, I break backs I jack with def gats and black macs On lennox ave. ain't no light looks, you fight crooks Left and right hooks, if you front, get your life took [ verse 7: trooper j ] I'm havin nail-sharp pains in my brain like a hellraiser I'm blazin trails from jail cells, so a trailblazer Who find crime and fill the nine with nothin but lead Boom-bye-bye, dem find another batty bwoy dead In backyard alleys, but I call em crackyard valleys And I pack more rallys than riots back in cali And people wanna know the reason why I blow my fuse I'm in a daze and I'm so confused >from seein heads shake so many times the lead make And mike boogie's next up, and keep my head straight [ verse 8: mike boogie ] I should never rhyme cause every time I step into a contest Kids evacuate the premises like it's a bomb threat Cause they know when I start droppin poems That I be knockin domes, poppin bones and sendin niggas hoppin home Word to god, it's kinda hard for a fag to touch this So if you're comin to see me, nigga, bring a cask' and crutches And niggas, I don't' need a gun for you, none of you Cause I can kill you dead with the lead from my no. 2 And it's death in every paragraph And niggas learn when I burn they muthafuckin ass to ash No need to question am I nice, cause it's a fact, friend I shoot the gift like santa clause with a mac-10 And niggas ain't half as nice, so they get sacrificed And sent to the afterlife, they ain't no match for mike Now I'm bout to skate in a rush, just finished makin it tough Peace to big l, aiyo, 8 is enough True, true And before I get up outta here I gotta say peace to d-whiz and short man Brothers that was there since the beginning What's up to rockin' wheel from the hard pack crew Peace to mase murder and the b.b.o. crew The best out crew, the m&m crew And all the other crews that's representin in harlem You know what I'm sayin? And last but not least I gotta say peace to the 139th street nfl crew My crew Word up © 2018