Randy NewmanKorean Parents

Kids today got problems Like their parents never had Neighborhood's dangerous And the public schools are bad Holding out distractions, so irresistible The hours fly by No work gets done Some Jewish kids still trying Some white kids trying too Millions of real American kids Don't have a clue Right here on the lot We got the answer Product guaranteed to satisfy Korean parents still say Say that you not all you want to be Say you got a better environment Work at school is not going well Korean parents still say Say you need a little discipline Someone to whip you into shape They'll be sticklers, they'll be fair Look at the numbers That's all I ask Who's at the head of every class You really think they're smarter Than you are They just work their asses off Their parents make them do it What a load off your back that will be No tears, no regret Never forget who sent Fido to the farm Greatest generation You're parent's aren't the greatest generation So sick about hearing 'bout the greatest generation That generation could be you So let's see what you can do Korean parents and you
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