John MellencampA Ride Back Home

[Chorus] Hey Jesus can you give me a ride back home I've been out here in this world too long on my own I won't bother you no more If you can just get me in the door [Chorus] When I started out I was so young and so strong I just let it roll off my back when things went wrong Now it's starting to get to me All of this inhumanity [Chorus] You wouldn't know it by looking at me now But I was showing some promise once upon a time But it's gone now And it ain't coming back My time's come and gone It's as simple as that Hey Jesus this world is just too troublesome for me I try to fight off all these devils but I'm just too weak When I'm out here walking all alone I feel like taking my life but I won't Too big a coward, can you give me a ride back home [Chorus: x2] © 2017