NasQueens Get The Money

Hey yo, Queens get the money niggas still screaming, paper chasing But presidential candidates is planning wars with other nations over steak with masons Pregnant teens give birth to intelligent gangsters they daddies faceless Play this, by ya stomach, let my words massage it and rub it I'll be his daddy if there's nobody there to love it Tell him his name Nasir, tell him how he got here Momma was just having fun with someone above her years Niggas is still hating Talking that Nas done fell off with rhyming, he rather floss with diamonds? They pray please God, let him spit that ozzie and the army lining? That shorty doowop rolling oo-whops in the park recycling? Take 27 emcees, put them in a line and they out of alignment My assignments since he said retirement Hiding behind 8 mile and The Chronic Get's rich but dies rhyming, this is high science Now add 23 more for queens to be more, I?m over they heads Like a bulimic on a sea-saw Now that's 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time Nasty Nas that Yall gonna bow holmes, this is dow Jones 80 cal. chrome, needed time alone to zone The mack left his iPhone and his nine at home My queen used her milkshake to bring ya'll to my slaughterhouses I do this for the group home kids and boarding houses This that nigga shit that's on the album For them niggas inside the calk lining, 40 houses Bring back Arsenio, Hip hop was aborted, so Nas breaths life back into the embryo Let us make man in our image, spit it, I'm Huey P. and Louie V. at the eulogy throwing malatas for Emmit You ain't as hot as I is All of these false prophets is not messiahs You don't know how high the sky is The square mileage of earth or what pie is I'm the shaky hand that touched George Foreman in Zaire The same hand that punched down devils that brought down the towers © 2017