Pearl JamSo You Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star?

I thank, eh Ben Harper and Kim from the Fast Packs Maybe? Kurt?, we're gonna play a song together here Let's see how we work it out; we might have to rehearse for a second And eh, (??????????) oja, for the first time in their lives they're being shy Alright, listen up I'm not shy So you want to be a rock & roll star Well listen now to what I say Get yourself an electric guitar Create a sound, learn how to play And when it's set alight And your pants are tight It's gonna be all right What you pay for these riches and fame It's a vicious game 'Cause your out in space man What you get is the? Public acclaim? Don't forget who you are You're a rock & roll star When you're ready to go downtown to see the? Agent? Man, he won't let you down Sell your soul to the company Gonna? See my fare? Sell them plastic wares And if you? Pump your heart? I wanna? Leave us? And I wanna tear it apart Oh then it's time to go downtown to the agent man, no he won't let you down Sell your soul to the company They are waiting there to sell plastic wares Come here. Get up This is no time to give up Come here. Come on up This is you chance to get on Now come on up, come up, come up, come up Ben Harper Ben fucking Harper, right there, Ben Harper Fast Packs, right there Ouch © 2018