RemSing For The Submarine

It feels in dreams That everything is there for you The city breathes and pulses It's for you electron blue I knew that you could see right through it So this is where I give in to the machine Lift up your voice feel gravity's pull Drown out the siren's ring (or silent dream) Oh [Chorus] It's all here where I keep it It's all in the submarine It's all a lot less frightening Than you would have had it be But that's the good news my darling It is what it's going to be So sing, sing for the submarine I tried to explain how it all begins How its all destroyed and built again I knew that you could not believe me But now you're here and it's different How the light shines in your eyes In every second or situ It's then that I realized That the world as we know it The High speed train We'll pick it all up and start again [Chorus] The city did not collapse in a shudder The rain it never came At least my confessions made you laugh I know it's a little crazed But these dreams, They seem so real to me [Chorus] So this is where you trust me And this where it begins It's all a lot less frightening Your tear you let it in Tyrel and his mechanical owl A moth disguised as a leaf Don't tell me what tomorrow brings Climb into the hidden machine and Sing sing sing sing sing sing Sing sing for the submarine © 2017