Sinking fast, the weight chained to my feet No time to argue with belief I'm not alone, a thousand others dropping Faster than me What put me here? Nothing to hold on to Nowhere to brake [Chorus] Where is the ripcord, the trapdoor, the key? Where is the cartoon escape-hatch for me? No time to question the choices I make I've got to follow another direction (although fall down is much cooler) The last thing I remember was climbing up the stairs I threw the window open in challenge and despair I don't know what I needed I needed time I needed to escape I saw the future turn Upside-down and hesitate. [Chorus] Accelerate The vista I see now is changing Uncertainty is suffocating Our hope has never felt so great and Lit up down A pounding pulse To make it go Make it slow down, Go. [Chorus] The city's burning, it's like it's ready to explode Accelerate to make it slow Make it go Accelerate to make it slow Make it go I'm incomplete I'm incomplete I'm incomplete © 2017