RemLiving Well Is The Best Revenge

It's only when your poison spins into the life you'd hoped to live That suddenly you wake up in a shaking panic, wow! You set me up like a lamb to slaughter Garbo as a farmer's daughter Unbelievable, the gospel according to who? I lay right down. [Chorus] All your sad and lost apostles Hum my name and flare their nostrils Choking on the bones you toss to them Well I'm not one to sit and spin Cause living wells the best revenge Baby, I am calling you on that Don't turn your talking points on me, History will set me free The future's ours and you don't even read the footnote now! So who's chasing you? Where did you go? You disappeared mid-sentence In a judgment crisis I see my anecdote for it You weakened shell [Chorus] You savor your dying breath Well, I forgive but I don't forget You work it out, let's hear that argument again Camera three, go now! [Chorus] Baby, I am calling you on that Baby, I am calling you on © 2017