Black StarBrown Skin Lady

[Mos Def] Be like yo, let me ask you something I want to know, I want to know who you are [Mos] Brown skin lady, hey hey [Talib] Yes [Mos] Where you goin [Talib] This goes to the brown skin ladies [Mos] Brown skin lady [Talib] Yo, indigenous women of the planet Earth [Mos] What you doin? [Talib] Givin birth to the brown skin ladies first [Mos] Brown skin lady [Talib] For what it's worth, from me to you [Mos] How do you feel? [Chorus: Mos (Talib)] (From me to you, watching you) (I like the, I like the, I like the, I like the) (way you walk, yes, I live the way you move) I like the way you walk, when you walk on by I like the way you move, I like the WAY you move (I like the, I like the, I like the, I like the) (way you walk, please, won't you do that dance) I like the way you walk, when you walk on by I like the way you move, I like you baby And everybody on the avenue, I know, when they see us sing Everybody on the avenue, I know, when they see us sing, there she is [Talib] Fresher than Tony Rebel's vestibules at African street festivals My incredible women is, plentiful Over the years I met a few, none of them compare to you Preparing you to make food bearable, something terrible, let's see: You fruitful, beautiful, smart, lovable, huggable Doable like art, suitable to be part Of my life, Coppertone, oh you copyright infringement Pay you bidness ten cents, way back in the day It's like I'm standing there you know appreciating God's design And then you showed up, it's like you read my mind Damn she's fine, I think I add the are-E, in front of that And see if she D, to get, with a cat like me [Chorus] [Mos Def] Oh! Daring me girl, look at you! Coming on the block looking fresh and brand new Oh! Head wrap cover your hairdo Pretty feet peeking through open-toed shoe Oh! No limit to what I would do Make love to you like long interview Whoa! Is she for real, me like you Good look champion, win the title True, many man try invite you Shot down lyric each time they cyph you Jewel, what man you get all insides you Feet they walk way and just that sheik posture Oh! Can't be a next one like you Famous like tapes made by DJ Clue I tighten up my game as I approach you Yo check her she the nectar the bee get close to [Talib] I don't get many compliments, but I am confident Used to have a complex about, getting too complex You got me, willing to try, looked me in the eye My head is still in the sky, since you walked on by I'm feeling high, got my imagination flickering like hot flames It's how it seems, you make me want to ride the Coltrane to A Love Supreme My brown lady, creates environments, for Happy brown babies, I know it sounds crazy But your skin's the inspiration for cocoa butter You provoke a brother we should get to know one another I discover when I bring you through my people say TRUE, all I can say Is all praise due I thank you God for a beauty like you [Mos (Talib)] Brown skin lady (Yes) Where you going (This goes to the brown skin ladies) Brown skin lady (On the planet Earth today, yes) What you doing? Brown skin lady How do you feel? [Chorus] [Mos] There she is, she's a brown skinned lady Such a brown skinned lady She's a brown skinned lady [Repeat: x4] [Talib] You know what some people put themselves through To look just like you? Dark stocking, high heels, lipstick, alla that You know what? Without makeup you're beautiful What ya you need to paint the next face for We're not dealing with the European standard of beauty tonight Turn off the TV and put the magazine away In the mirror tell me what you see See the evidence of divine presence Women of the, Caribbean, they got the, golden sun I know women on the continent got it Nigeria, and Ghana, you know they got it Tanzania, Namibia and Mozambique And Boths want to, to let it speak About Latina's, columbianas Tallenas, of course the Brooklyn women walk that walk And the Bronx women walk that walk Honies from Queens walk that walk, NYC, ATL, LA Cincinnati, the Bay Area © 2017