AdeleMelt My Heart To Stone

Right under my feet There's air Made of bricks Pulls me down Turns me weak For you I find myself Repeating like A broken tune And I'm forever Excusing Your intentions And I give in To my pretendings Which forgive you Each time Without me knowing They melt my heart To stone [Chorus:] And I hear your words That I made up You say my name Like there could be an us I best tidy up my head I'm the only one in love I'm the only one in love Each and every time I turn around to leave I feel my heart Begin to burst And bleed So desperately I try to link it With my head But instead I fall back To my knees As you tear your way Right through me I forgive you Once again Without me knowing You've burnt My heart to stone [Chorus:] Why do you Steal my hand Whenever I'm standing My own ground You build me up Then leave me dead Well [Chorus:] © 2018