Joni MitchellIf

If you can keep your head While all about you People are losing theirs and blaming you If you can trust yourself When everybody doubts you And make allowance for their doubting too. If you can wait And not get tired of waiting And when lied about Stand tall Don't deal in lies And when hated Don't give in to hating back Don't need to look so good Don't need to talk too wise. If you can dream And not make dreams your master If you can think And not make intellect your game If you can meet With triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same If you can force your heart And nerve and sinew To serve you After all of them are gone And so hold on When there is nothing in you Nothing but the will That's telling you to hold on! Hold on! If you can bear to hear The truth you've spoken Twisted and misconstrued By some smug fool Or watch your life''s work Torn apart and broken down And still stoop to build again With worn out tools. If you can draw a crowd And keep your virtue Or walk with Kings And keep the common touch If neither enemies nor loving friends Can hurt you If everybody counts with you But none too much. If you can fill the journey Of a minute With sixty seconds worth of wonder and delight Then The Earth is yours And Everything that's in it But more than that I know You'll be alright You'll be alright. Cause you've got the fight You've got the insight You've got the fight You've got the insight © 2018