Vybz KartelSen On

Chorus First thing me do when mi wake up Burn high grade fi mi nerves fuss Straight from West pon a Town bus Mi haffi smoke a pound first Sen sen sen sen sen sen on Sen on & never hang on Sen on Sen sen sen sen sen sen on Sen on & never hang on Mi get high Like a pedestal Heavenly & celestial Extra terrestrial When mi smokin up di cess Mi all look it like a s*** gal Celebrate it like festival Mix it like a cereal S** it like material Mi deal wid it like chicken Hot & spicy & original Or barbeque Because di crew A ganja man professoinal Lenky get higher Dan di martians on Mars Milky Way galaxy stars That's why You only get eight bars Chorus Mi fross so till Mi use di green paper Marked ten paper left And no joke Yow mi smoke Yow till vapour left To how mi high When mi look down Skyscraper left Don't try dat at home You might break a neck Feds want me & bug di phone Two way connect Mi change mi number to "whal?!!" 1-800-collect When you si Cellblock Inna di street Smokin up di highes & Gucci chain Deh round di chest Chorus Singa blinga seh "Kartel a what time?" Up to di time Mi hear Singa talk But mi no matter time Cause mi have mi weed & Mi a look 7 dollar coin Fi buy di rizzla Six fi buy di cigarette "What kind?" Craven "A" But nuh badda smoke it Like di last time Build you weed & blow Like when whistle fi half-time Man deh pon di ends Till 27 past 9 And when mi look up Inna di sky Mi see sun a shine Chorus
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