Dr DreNuthin' But A 'g' Thang (Freestyle Remix)

[Snoop] Now I be mobbing like a motherfucker every single day Making funky shit with my nigga Dr. Dre The niggas who talk shit get put on they back By my nigga named Suge and it's black for black Now check facts for a second, I'm checking my record so It's Snoopy goes for broke, so what's up, Loc? You want to provoke, try to step, break your neck real quick Real fast blast I'll outlast and shoot ya, take your cash As I dash with the homies from the dub Now as we fly through the sky getting love We high, real high, high high, I'm higher than you So whatchu wanna do, whatcu wanna do? Ha ha, yeah, and you don't stop And you don't stop This ain't nothing but a motherfucking freestyle worth your while (This is for the Dogg Pound, this Daz, the nigga of all niggas!) [Snoop] Check it out Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay Dogg Pound's in the motherfuckin house C'mon, bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay The Dogg Pound's in the motherfuckin house Ayo stepping to the front, still stealing the show It's the youngest motherfucker on the hood Death Row He's called Daz, stepping on your ass Making big cash, time to move real fast, blast Check it out, next in line Is the diggy diggy D.O.C. dropping funky classical rhymes That shit that just don't hit Snoop Dogg and Dre, dropping funky manuscripts My lip hits the microphone Breaks you, shakes you, takes you, awakes you Kurupt the Kingpin, killing or straight chillin' Step in the house and start revealing your skills Chill, do you need the microphone? Do you need some help to drop some shit like stone? Al Capone was a hero of mine Shot plenty niggas who ??? so fuck one-time I'm, the irrelevant, intelligent Brother from the hood that they call Long Beach Eastside where the brothers ride, slide Slippidy slide, the Eastside's got pride Here we go, stole the show as I flow I gots to give the microphone to my homie on the Row His name's Kurupt, he fucks it up On Crenshaw and Slausson so commence the flossing [Kurupt] When I step I come straight from the under Lyrical rhymes will flex, but yo, here's my cover Kingping, murderer, ecetera, I flex when I blow I let 'em know that I'm quick to snap necks, check me out One two, don't diss respect (Boom) The way I flow I go and show you'll get chin checked And if you ever feel you got the wrath what can you say? Spray the AK, produced by Dr. Dre My niggy niggy nigga by the name of D.O.C. My homie Snoop Dogg and Daz is next to me The D-A to the Z, the D-R to the E And when we like to flex down with the S-H-U-G I break 'em off when I flow I go and now they know the Row Will kill with skills, I'm real for real And caps I peel with my steel So nigga, you figure that you're bigger, and past I'll whip your ass, just a classical rhyme from Daz Yo, I bust through the hood, I bust through the farm My nigga D-O-G, um, Doggy Dogg, but if they play but if they wanted to say "Pow Pow!" goes another Hit from my um nigga Dr. Dre The Chronic, which they get up on it As the niggas be saying that it's ahhhhhh, bionic But I'm trying to go as I play and then I say Never underestimate the nigga Dr. Dre... (fades out)
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