Jay-ZGo Crazy (Remix)

[Young Jeezy] Guess who's bizzack (Back) Still smell the blow in my clothes Like Krispy Kreme, I was cookin them O's (Cookin them O's) Like Horse shoes, I was tossin them O's Time to re-up gotta recycle the flow (Cycle the flow) I'm emotional (I hug the block) Aye, I'm so emotional (I love my glock) Cash rules everything around me, so what's realer? Bout the skrilla, call me a ghostface killa (Yep) It's kinda hard to be drug-free When Georgia Power won't give a nigga lights free Switch hustle, been killin 'em ever since (Since) It pays to tell the truth dawg, it only makes sense [Chorus:] When they play a new Jeezy all the dope boys go crazy (Chea!) And watch the dope boys go crazy! I pop my collar then I swing my chain You can catch me in the club, pimpin doin my thang (Aye...) When they play a new Jeezy all the dope boys go crazy And watch the dope boys go crazy! You pop ya collar then you swing ya chain For all the gangstas in the street that be doin they thang, Aye! [Jay-Z] Uh, more than a hustla I'm the definition of it Master chef, Lord of the kitchen cupboard More than a street legend, homey it's hova More than a relief pitcher, I'm the closer The Mariano of the Mariott, ah If money talks, the whole world's bout to hear me out See I'm a hustla's hope, I'm not his pipe dreams So when they speak of success, I'm what they might mean Attract money my worst color is light green My favorite hue is Jay-Z blue Don't follow me youngin, follow my moves, I'm not a role model A bad influence got the world drinkin gold bottles When Puff was in that tuff spillin Mo' I was at my video, Cris' on the speedboat In my lifetime nigga, go through your research Same timers my nigga, that was me first Chrome shoe'd the gs, I came feet first In the game like a baby boo on the reach birth I got the keys if you need work I can Kingpin you a line, the diamond of time, uh! My niggaz love it when I talk like this My corporate people start buggin cuz I talk like this The corporate thugs is like, "Nah Hov" Talk that shit The dope boys go crazy when they hear that boy Jay-Z [Chorus:] [Fat Joe] Whattup Jeez? Cracks... Life, what's the matta wit yo head? Cracks... Life, all you niggaz gon end up dead Cracks... Life, everybody servin rat til he ride Everybody think they somebody, til somebody end up shot Listen, I'm in that gt, Choppa on the passenger side No skeets skeets, choppa on the passenger side They said Trap or Die but said fuck it Damn near half my life I been a suspect Feds low in them Coupe Devilles So I keep one eye open like Bushwick Bill They said my mind's playin tricks on me (Damn right) So I let off a half a clip on em' Ain't no witnesses tellin the story (Hell naw...) Then my bitch spent all of the bail money (And then what?) I don gave 'em my pimp cup for a gangsta hat Traded my gangsta hat for some gangsta raps Only to find out that no gangsta's rap Half of these niggaz is pussy, ain't never served crack (Crack, crack, crack, crack) It's like a damn nightmare Just when you thought I was gone, I reappear On some chopped up, screwed shit, poppi got his swagga back Hot sick, clue shit, bought a brick of half of rap In that 'cedes when it's said and done Yeah poppi kinda crazy, squeeze the pound for fun (nigga!) [Chorus:] [Young Jeezy] Won't stop til my whole team in thug mansions (Chea) And I say I like Pac, now that's a thug's passion (Ha ha!) And this the realist shit I ever wrote And all eyes on me, like a microscope Young Jeezy give 'em one more chance Tried to shine like you, and spent his whole advance (Aye...) Like my main man Pulla, talk real slick Look I'm ok, but my watch sick Yean gotta like a nigga, just respect my mind And this how I'm eatin now, so respect my grind (Spect my grind) The way I put them words together 'Minds me How I used to put them birds together [Chorus:] [Young Jeezy] Buy 18 the hard way (Let's get it!) Have a humble nigga thinkin about gun play (Chea) Now who the fuck wanna play wit guns? Alotta holes, alotta blood dawg, the shit ain't fun (Nope) So I suggest you don't play wit my chains I'll send these hollows atcha, let 'em play wit ya brain (That's right....) These streets is watchin, The name is warm The product's white, A star is born (Yeah...) Pimpin I'm so fly, If I take this parachute off, I might fall and die (Damn...) Wrap the work like spandex wit the latex (Chea) Then we ship it out of town, call it safe s** (Aye....) [Chorus:]
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