Blood, Sweat & TearsThe Battle

While the king and queen lie sleeping And their daughters smile so nice Brothers wait through windows And the peasants die for rice And here I'm standing naked Laughing madly at the sun Though I wanted to sleep late today The Battle's just begun [Chorus:] Oh, the Devil in all his wisdom The father in all his grace The servant's sons are washed in blood And the man has run his race A moving target looms behind the street where soldiers stood Siren screams out desperately Like only humans could And standing on my balcony I watch the battle run Yes the war is never over But the day is never done [Chorus] Six-white horses like the wind are running Five are far behind The captain lost his daughter The sergeant lost his mind. The soldiers they still scream for riches Even though they swore That sons and daughters wouldn't live Unless we won the war [Chorus] © 2017