Lou ReedThe Tell-tale Heart (Part 2)

Furious It made me furious A dull quick sound pounding Like a watch encased in cotton Tick tock I knew that sound well It increased my fury The beating of the old man's heart I scarcely breathed and refrained Motionless The tattoo of the heart Hellish Increased and was extreme It grew louder Louder I am nervous at this dead hour of the night amid the dreadful silence of this old house this sound excites me to uncontrollable wrath I thought someone would hear this sound I thought his heart would burst His hour had come Please open the door Open the door The old man has gone to the country Gone to the country But please search well Please search well These are his treasures Treasures Secure and undisturbed Please sit and rest You must be fatigued Wild audacity Perfect triumph So they chat Chat Of familiar things I hear ringing Ringing Do you not hear it No It is louder It is making my head ache Do you not hear it No No No I, I have a headache The day is long Do you not hear it No Do you fucking mock me Do you mock me They know Do you think me They know An imbecile Do you think me a fool Villains dissemble no more I admit the deed Admit, Admit Here, here Admit It is the beating of his most hideous heart
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