FabolousRap City Freestyle (05.07.07)

[4 Fizzle:] Be clear you already know what it is Meanin the booth is alive and well 4 Fizzle my man Fabolous right now Paul Cain hes in the building Street Fam Its about to go down Fab please please bless it [Fabolous:] Yes sir Got my homie Paul Cain in the house You know what I mean? Reppin that Street Fam You know how we do Check it out Yo [Verse 1: Fabolous] Straight out of Brooklyn a baby mama snatcher named Ghetto Invisible set glow Full clip to let go Back in the metro Fresh off the jet though Fifty grand richer from a thirty minute set show Gangsta but i'm the flyest you ever met ho Button up etro The Air Jordan Retro Million dollar neck row Got homie upset so Now I get the bank and make them petty dudes bet mo' Told you from the get go Ya'll can't deny it I just supply it For those who buy it Now I ride by it It might start a riot Chicks won't quiet Long enough to try it Dirt they throwin' mud slides on my name They never seen this kind of stud size in a chain I analyze that like i'm Billy Crystal I'm forced to move around with this nine milly pistol [4 Fizzle:] What more do we need to say man?
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