Welcome 2 the power of surrender First things first U must surrender your expectation 4 those of U expected 2 get your Purple Rain on U in the wrong house See, we're not interested in what U know But what U are willing 2 learn Come on, y'all, uh! Leave that blood alone Don't U know dead blood kills interferons NPG, are U ready? Come on now, ow! We 'bout 2 get deep 2night y'all And that's the only way that we can rise up Rainbow children, are U in here? On the trombone, Mr. Greg Boyer Warm it up, Greg, warm it up Say Candy, what U think? Candy, does he need a passport? Can we let him stay? I'll have 2 search him first, that's what We loving it Greg, come on, y'all, whoo! Say Maceo, they trying to describe funk I don't know if U can describe if it ain't funky Come on, Maceo, blow your horn Y'all know who that is? Act like U know Say, "Maceo blow your horn" (Maceo blow your horn) {x3} Maceo, Maceo (Maceo, Maceo) Ow, yeah yeah Yeah Don't hurt 'em, baby, don't hurt 'em Hold on, hold on, yeah, come on y'all Yeah yeah If U drove up here in a Little Red Corvette U might be surprised at what U gon' get Portland, can U hear me, 2night? Yeah yeah Whoo On the keyboards, the Master, Renato Neto Oh, now I know he's gotta check his passport, whoo! Let it rock Ah, check it out Yeah, watch me now U've been randomly selected to be searched Can I get any volunteers? U must remove your shoes We gon' get funky On the drums, John Blackwell Aw, U know we don't mean nobody no good 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 I got a question 4 ya Is it better 2 give or 2 receive (It's better 2 give) Alright then, then give up your seat 2 this person back here in the back Come here, sister in the red I'ma call your bluff Can she have your seat? Alright Is it better 2 be a leader or a follower? Better 2 be a leader or a follower? (A leader) A leader? 2 bad Who thinks it's better 2 be a follower? U? Follow me Have a seat right there I'ma play the guitar 4 U, alright? Can I get U anything {x2} U cool? Aw yeah! © 2016