Z-RoStill Watchin

[Hook - 2x] Still watching, keep peeping Still watching me yeah, keep peeping [Z-Ro] They told me, if you feel me F**k a record label, and a negotiation they trying to deal me They watching me to close, and trying to play me Make a n***a Unibomb your block, everybody on me will be a Swayze Patrick peep my hat trick, but I ain't an audition Even though I've been known, to make people and guns come up missing Witness, my disappearing act Cause motherfuckers be tripping and sweating me, like I'm still selling crack Or recognize my n***a Grady, out that P. You. D All them other ni***z act like it, but he's my G I sit and watch, as my home boys show me they fake love I'm your partna, why I come second to b*****s and drugs So f**k balling with y'all, I ride out When I'm rich, I still flip in the truck and slide out Y'all done made a mistake, you should of never mixed my blood with Trae Them Maab ni***z have arrived, Z-Ro, Boss and Jay [Hook - 2x] [Trae] You must of made a mistake, you should of never mixed my blood with Ro Them Maab ni***z have arrived, out the trunk with a fo'-fo' Pissed off and agg'd, running round with a attitude Repping the Dirty South, now where the f**k is your gratitude Selfish son of a b***h, we deserve the throne I can show you how to stunt, when I'm tipping the chrome You don't wanna see me with that Mack, in front of your home On the block in a drop, the same color as stone Out of your league, and lately I've been out of my mind I needed green as a team, so I got on the grind S. You. C., and n***a I've been repping it raw You rep it the wrong, and n***a I'll be breaking your jaw I ain't f*****g with you ni***z, who be f*****g with laws The same thang different day, y'all can kiss my balls [Hook - 2x] [Jay'Ton] Next n***a hating S. L. A. B., getting whooped and tossed Perpetrating like a G, when you knowing you soft It's Jay'Ton I ain't playing, when I'm spitting my name Double 12 gauge slugs, that'll f**k up your frame You got me wrong, in this song got me speaking the truth Hit the block with the glock, I'll show you my proof They should of never mixed my blood, with the Ro and Trae It's sk all day, Boss what you say [Lil Boss Hogg] Cop a sack c*** the Lac, cut the corner Cuff Khakis creased, please call a corner Cut quarters and quarters, and kept it banging Blue both fat laces, bandanas hanging Bodies on extra tight, for the test a fight Bring light, to a n***a tonight Wife beater with a big heel, repping the set Breaking they necks, cashing they checks and f*****g with Vets [Hook - 2x]
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