PrinceNew Power Day

(In sports, the International Basketball League was busy last night) (With 7 games on the schedule) {phone rings} (The Cavaliers came up with a surprise upset) (Beating the Bullets 108 to 99) Talk X-TV, turn it on Michael, what's happenin'? (The Lakers had no trouble with the Rockets winning 124 to 88) U gotta watch this show that's on Watch what? I don't know what it is, it's crazy (The Nuggets just got by the Nets 114 to 112) What channel is it on? X-TV, turn it on Alright, later Later (The Super Sonics devastated the Jazz 136...) So I'm walkin' down the street and umm.. This muthafucka comes up 2 me and says (Yo man, U oughta let me have 50 dollars man) (Can U give?) I said "Ain't that a bitch? U oughta get out of my face" (Oh) And he tried 2 rob me (Muthafucker, mm) And he was chokin' me, right? Cuz, cuz he didn't have no gun Do U hear that shit? Lucky 4 me, my homies was comin' 'round the 7-Eleven And they seen what was goin' down They grabbed this muthafucker, right? ("What's up man?") Ripped an eyeball out (Ahhh! "Fuck him up") They beat his ass so bad, change fell out his pocket (U bastards, mm) These nigga's are crazies So I said "Fuck it" I robbed him, ha ha With so much money on me, I figured I oughta hit Jannell's house I knocked on her door, right? (Mmm, oh) I don't know what she was doin' (Oh, ooh) But I couldn't get no answer? She was doin' some wrong shit "Jannell" I shouted, still no answer (Mmm, oh, oh) I figured she was on the telephone or somethin' (Oh) So I walked around 2 the bathroom window Pushed it up, climbed inside Soon as I got inside, it hit me {gasp} Damn! I don't know what it was but it hit me hard "Uh" Jannell's a Rican, U know? And them beans and rice is a habit at Jannell's house, U know? I grab my mouth, my nose and I just screamed And then I ran But Jannell's house is real messy and I hit somethin' and I fell That somethin' was Jannell (Get off!) I stepped on her bruised booty she got from stage diving And it made her real mad so we went 2 rounds Jannell can bob She kicked my ass Damn! "Oh God" So I left and I went 2 Glam Slam And slammed a few Long Island's Uh-oh, one 2 many Excuse me brother, better hit this alley Phew! That was close (Yo muthafucker, ain't U the one stole my money?) Oh shit (Yeah, that's U) I gotta run y'all (That's U nigga, come here) (Kick your muthafuckin' ass) Ahh, ahh Now what is this crazy muthafuckin' shit? Ahh, ahh Man, did U see it? Did U hear it man? Yeah man It was so crazy, that shit man Ha, yeah I know, I couldn't believe it Ah man, but I tell U what man I'm kinda wiped out man So I'm goin' 2 get some rest man Yeah, I hear ya I'll see U tomorrow man Later Been smokin' that headache weed, is ya? Ah, nigga Ha ha ha © 2014