Donald FagenSecurity Joan

Well I guess I needed a miracle If I was gonna make my flight I had to get to gate C13 And it was still way out of sight Something in my carry on bag Tipped off the x-ray machine 'Cause then an angel straight from heaven Asked me to 'step behind that screen' And when I felt the wand sweep over me You know I never felt so clean [Chorus:] Well you won't find my name on your list Honey you know I ain't no terrorist Confiscate my shoes, my cellphone You know I love you, Security Joan I hung out at the Starbucks 'til just around boarding time Then I strolled on back to the checkpoint Just one thing on my mind She flashed that crooked smile and said 'Well I believe you missed your flight'. I said 'There's been a minor change of plan, And I'll be stayin' for one more night'. I could tell from the way she looked at me Everything was gonna be all right [Chorus:] Search me now! © 2018