JAY-ZReebok Commercial

[Verse 1: 50 Cent] Man I told ya'll I was finnin' to blow like C4 Stunt in the G5 fly in the G4 G Unit footwear, G Unit apparell I'm so hood That green and that white looks so good Hip Hop man we gon take it to the next level Kicks match that hat and that throwback Kicks stay color coordinated man you know that Truth is I ain't got a jump shot but I got a left hook I don't swing golf clubs but I sell like Golf Brooks I'm hot man I rocky rock man If it ain't the G Unit its the S Dot man [Verse 2: Jay-Z] S. Dots takin' off G4s 'bout to land See how we cross brand We boss about it man Got the sole of the old Guccis if you upset sue me If not sit back and watch me do me Parking lot pimpin' sideline ballers We don't sweat up we fresh let the girls do it for us The watch talk for me Drop talk for he Brand new S Dots walk with me Sort of like you just scored a bucket Bootlegger you frontin' you walkin' awkardly Ho its nothing keep score with me Give me three hot seconds I'll bring heat rock records
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