Roc-A-Fella once again, yeah What... This is Diamonds In Da Ruff yall, haha We drop this song, yall didn't hear us before Know what I mean, but Yall Gonna Hear Us Now Aiyyo, Rebels my name You see me Phat Farm, Tim's all gemed up Play hero and ninja like a pretzel You get all bent up Nobodys gonna hold me down Nobodys gonna slow me down All she be like straw house, nigga and just blow me down >From Harlem A. K. A. Bangladesh, shock 'em down Thang thang Make it sound like shitty bang bang You still think I'm gonna choke the opposite of Jay-Z and Jermaine Except I'm a rebel, on another level Where money mean everything Talk to me No they aint ready to talk to you I'm gonna let these cats know man Yo, listen here I flow with for for guys Haten po po spies Relay on movin home grown pies Rather dies than to see it Mo' poties I see my people shy They will be knock Whoever look through that pee holes blind Smashing everything from the game To that freak hoes fives Shake life Must be crack cause it grows most wise And losers finally quote to see a cat like me, cold shine Every night up in the down Just to kill mo' timers Bout time you let me play Got more game than ea Used to take goldeen trips to pa We need a Now on the way to the top it never stop Catch me in every block with a rock Eatin my way and its still just cocked Ready to pop, now whos the fooler Think I'm uhs cause I'm cuter Be the same on in the cooler with the hole in the midula I used to take twenties and buddha, to the face Till I caught that case with George, on my waist Now B. O. Trying to violate if I get a taste Feel me? I'm just like you Want beef, i'll bust like you Need to bust just like you, only trust my crew Diamonds In Da Ruff Aiyyo, whatever you all want to do yall do it, bring it man, don't talk To me, run at me I can see its alot of yall goons That don't want to see me get no riches All I'm gonna do is rip the shows, get the hoes, and take your bitches Nigga, you aint gotta like me Front, then you gotta fight me I don't play fair I play to win and my crew is like me I'm from Spanish Harlem 1st Ave. To be exact 11-9-9, you niggas gotta problem wit that Know from Eastend to Riverside and Fineas Dieon Bring the war without the wip like Dieon I'm gonna see 'em I'm gonna respect something that is important to me Aint nobody you know livin' that ever extorted me My fam I'd die for, cry for, lie for Take a knife in the eye for Nigga, I'm a suvivour in the bx, rep my Lenox To 241st and Whiteplains Smack you like a Parker brother Fathers hit your light game And I just came in To let yall niggas know Bout a Diamond In Da Ruff And I still need the dough, nigga Nigga jumps across the webs, the Wilson, Grand Jev, Metro long, Polo Grounds, Saint Knick, Manhatten and we run New York Yall want to know my style basically I'm a thorough nigga named B. Bubblin Not that cats you want trouble with And I demand respect Change the Harlem Vet. From Foster, Lincoln, Whillen Projects across 110th To the depth witty, F had the West Indies I'm odin it right so my chicken head dog can rest with me Most cats is unworthy And you can find me if you wanted to on 1st Ave. In gold Tim's and Yankee jersey What What What What (fading)
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