PrinceLet's Have A Baby

I can't wait no more, no Let's have a baby What are we livin' for? Tell me Let's make love, let's make love So long have I gazed into your eyes Wonderin' what they'd look like on a newborn child I cannot lie when my hand is on your thighs I'm thinking, isn't it a miracle that life comes from inside? So long I have listened to your voice Wonderin' what it would sound like coming from a girl or a boy Isn't it funny that when you're truly in love How just the thought of such things can bring you so much joy? And I can't wait no more, oh no Let's have a baby Oh girl, come and shut the door, go on, shut it Let's make love you want to make love? I'm leaving it up to you I'll do what you want to do But you got to understand you're my woman and I'm your man I can't even go for a ride Believe me, honey, I've tried Without thinking about a little baby A baby sittin' right by my side And if anybody in the whole wide world Ever thought that they could do that for me They are one mistaken girl 'cause baby, you got me, you got me open, yes you do And we're doing just fine If you really love me, baby If you can find the time I can't wait no more Let's have a baby Don't you want to? What are we livin' for? Tell me, tell me Let's have a baby Come on, come on and shut the door, girl you know what I want to do Let's, let's make love © 2017