There was 1 September day that Papa worked 2 hard First he crucified every dandelion out in the yard Then he screamed at baby twice 4 throwin' rocks at passin' cars Baby didn't listen, so like a priceless work of art He got snatched by his Papa who then opened up the closet door And pushed the four-year-old down, onto the closet floor Baby cried "I'm sorry, I won't do it no more" Papa said "Yeah, I know, that's what this here's 4" Smack! Ooh Papa... Smack! Smack! Ooh Papa...Papa... Smack! Ooh Papa... Smack! Smack! Ooh Papa...Papa... As the door closes, baby starts 2 cry "Please don't lock me up again, without a reason why" Papa just went outside and pointed a shotgun up in the sky He said "How come I don't love my woman?" Then he took aim and died Boom! Papa... Boom! Boom! Papa...Papa Boom! Papa... Boom! Boom! Papa...Papa... Don't abuse children, or else they turn out like me Fair 2 partly crazy, deep down we're all the same Every single 1 of us knows some kind of pain In the middle of all that's crazy, this 1 fact still remains If u love somebody, your life won't be in vain And there's always a rainbow, at the end of every rain © 2014