PrinceGoldnigga Pt. 1

Hey, what up y'all? NPG's in the house kickin' the gift Talkin' about us livin' in an incubated society And ain't shit changed in 20 years y'all We just in a state of sobriety That's right - this one is subject 2 justification Cuz we shootin' 4 heads of state Hmph, and 2 my brothers and sisters strugglin' 2 try and learn Don't be confused by the term... Ahh, Goldnigga - a term that might seem offensive 2 some But one we've adapted - that means the money's earned By the knowledge and creative efforts of a black man Who can feel good cuz there's no blood on his hands In a time when respect is gotten, not from what a leader might say But 9 M's, Glock 7's and AK's It's a shame, but that's the way it is That's the reality of things - our state of mind has been twisted Demented in the way that seems irreversible 2 much clout and status in the movers and shakers and people with pull Instead of leading, we are being led By generations of punk motherfu... Yo Tone, nuff said Yeah, U right, but I must speak on this Before me and my people die in this endless abyss So as we go round and round in an attempt 2 get bigger I send a shout out 2 all my fellow Goldniggaz Stay strong! CHORUS: Goldnigga - we can turn this mutha out Goldnigga - tell me what U're all about (Stay strong) Goldnigga - we can turn this mutha out Goldnigga - tell me what U're all about (Please, please stop!) Get up, stand up, stand up 4 your rights Cuz Goldniggaz don't go out without a fight Mentality's 2 strong, we bring brothers who struggle along Nevermind preachin' about the prior things they had did wrong Cuz every new day is a fresh start And I mean that shit from the bottom of my heart I place this burden on the shoulders with an upraisal in effect It's time we earn proper respect (Please stop!) {sample repeats in BG} Big up goldniggaz CHORUS (Yeah) (Come on, come on) (Mmm, say it) (We, we, we like it) U better stop! {sample repeats 2 fade} © 2016