PrinceI Love U In Me

If U know the words 2 this song, sing along If not, U better ask somebody Have U ever been so lonely That U felt like U were the only one in this world? Have U ever wanted 2 play with someone so much U'd take any one boy or girl? CHORUS: Anna Stesia come 2 me, talk 2 me, ravish me Liberate my mind Tell me what U think of me, praise me, craze me Out this space and time Between white and black, night and day Black night seemed like the only way So I danced Music late, nothing great No way 2 differentiate I took a chance Gregory looks just like a ghost Then a beautiful girl the most Wets her lips 2 say "We could live 4 a little while If U could just learn 2 smile U and I could fly away, fly away" Yeah... CHORUS Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love I mean the right way, Los Angeles Perhaps U could show me, baby Maybe, maybe, maybe I could learn 2 love Ah, if I was just closer 2 somethin' Closer 2 your higher self? I don't know Closer 2 heaven? Uh unh Closer 2 God, yeah, closer 2 God Save me Lord, I've been a fool How could I forget U are the rule I am Your child, oh yes I am Your child From now on, I shall be wild I shall be quick, I shall be strong I'll tell Your story no matter how long No matter, no matter, yeah We're just a play in Your master plan Now, my Lord, I understand refrain: Love is God, God is love Girls and boys love God above {repeated and also by audience} Y'all sing L.A. {x3} Los Angeles Oh no no no no no Clap your hands {x4} I heard some of y'all singing the chorus the first time But I need everybody singing the chorus How many of y'all believe in God? How many of U worship God? How many of U know how God wants 2 be worshiped? And that's where the agreement falls down, right? 20 churches in a one mile radius Everybody's at different churches worshiping different ways Oh we should champion our diversity, huh We should champion our similarities Not our differences We should meet on a higher level Instead of looking at white, black, rich and poor Young, old Differences, differences, diversity Let's meet, let's meet somewhere higher Rainbow children, U know what I'm talkin' about NPG Music Club, put your hand up NPG Music Club, they in the good seats Now if y'all wanna be down here with us, U gotta join the club But look at'cha, U're up high, U're up high Now I need 2 hear your voices in that same aspect - high I wanna hear strong, high voices singing: Love is God, God is love Girls and boys love God above Can U do that? Now I played 4 U, can U do that 4 me before I go home? Everybody, show 'em what to do (refrain) {repeated by audience} Sing it y'all Sing it like U mean it, come on band Clap your hands, somebody Renato, let's give Candy some Candy, toot a little bit That's the groove, y'all, that's the groove That's how we going home 2night - in harmony and in love Rise up, just talking about 2 words I said rise up, 2 words, talking about going higher Said rise up, if U with me out there, sing it now Rise up, oh Lord Upstairs, if U up high, sing (Rise up) {repeated} Pray 4 the children, U've got 2 (rise up) U got 2 (rise up) Thank U L.A., good night Los Angeles, put your hands 2gether 4 Renato Neto on keyboards Rhonda Smith on the bass And the man, John Blackwell on the drums And on the horns we got Greg Boyer on the trombone The lady in the middle from Holland, Miss Candy Dulfer And on the alto saxophone, the teacher, Mr. Maceo Parker Oh yeah yeah, on the one "With an accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work of building a new nation: the Rainbow Children." © 2014