Ow! Come on! Yeah! See-see-see-see-see-come on! Would you please look at this mother next to me Frontin' more booty than Peru got keys Damn, if I don't get that Wait right there and I'll be right back Got a new trick in the back of my car It's kinda like a movie but you're the star Lights, camera, make a scene The Endorphinmachine Go baby The Endorphinmachine Yeah, go baby (Go baby) Tippy, tippy, tin my friend or shall we begin? Step right up and I'll strap you in Don't be shy, this won't hurt a bit Unless of course you don't believe in it As sure as the dippy dippy wave of my 'do You'll believe in somethin' before this night is through Press one for the money, press two for the dream And get ready for somethin' that you've never seen The Endorphinmachine Go baby The Endorphinmachine Go baby (Go baby) Tommy Barbarella, turn it on Hold up, wait a minute Ain't no good unless somebody else is in it You there with the cynical disposition Perhaps you'd like to join us in a mission Of fishin' for logic in a think tank Unless, of course, you're feelin' like a punk and take the bank But every now and then there comes a time you must defend Your right to die and live again, live again, live again Get up, get up, get in The Endorphinmachine It's alright, baby (Go Baby) Don't be shy (The Endorphinmachine) Yeah, I ain't gonna hurt you Go baby Come on, come on (Endorphinmachine) Well, I told ya (Go baby) The Endorphinmachine Go baby, go baby, go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Don't make me! Prince esta muerto {Prince is dead} Prince esta muerto {Prince is dead} Que viva para siempre el Poder de la Nueva Generacion {Long live the New Power Generation} © 2017