PrinceStrange Relationship

I guess you know me well, I don't like winter But I seem to get a kick out of doing you cold Oh, what the hell, you always surrender What's this strange relationship that we hold on to? [Chorus] Baby I just can't stand to see you happy More than that I hate to see you sad Honey if you left me I just might do something rash What's this strange relationship? (ship, ship, ship) I came and took your love, I took your body I took all the self respect you ever had I took you for a ride and baby I'm sorry The more you love me sugar, the more it makes me mad [Chorus] Isn't it a shame this ain't a movie Then you could rewrite my every line I'll take all the blame, yo baby I'm sorry But I didn't like the way you where, so I had to make you mine [Chorus] My strange relationship Can't live with you, can't live without you That's all about, Do you know? (strange relationship) I think you and I got a (strange relationship) What's this strange relationship? Yeah, yeah [Repeats] © 2017