PrincePearls B4 The Swine

If I leave my front door open would u come and visit me? Just 2 slander my name hopin' That I would pack my bags and leave... If I did would u remember 2 feed the dove and clean the cage? And never count in front of the children Lest they die of old age I don't really know y we have 2 go r separate ways Whether or not we grow after the seeds r sown Only time can say... Can I offer u baklava Or a bagel with cream cheese? Will we say grace 2 r father Holding hands down on r knees? R we better off just fighting? U on ur side, me on mine R the words that eye keep writing... Only pearls b4 the swine? What makes men claim that u're a friend When u're not at all? They knock u down and then, They lift u up again, just 2 c u fall... But like a bird I'll keep on singing... A song that never leaves ur mind If nothing else u've taught me one thing... "Never cast ur pearls b4 the swine" © 2014