Just before you called I thought we were doing fine But I was wrong Your voice came down the line Forced me to the thought of life If you were gone We're just tired of talking to the busy sounds The hardest heart still breaks when it goes without We're all the ghosts of who we used to be We might know, if we could see Don't look now 'cause I can't escape I get so restless We won't know until it's too late But I'll have years to think of The way I'd do the things I did Just to chase the pain away We're here now and I can change But I'm still restless Push, the urge away To wake up feeling just the same as yesterday Time, it heals the pain But painful is the angry heart when time remains We're just tired of walking through the faceless crowd We keep our lonely eyes locked on the ground And if my legs could run me into you Then we might know, we might know © 2018