Bruce DickinsonDracula

Waiting for the midnight hour [x6] [CHORUS:] My name is Dracula, Come here, I've something for you Dracula, I need a little life Dracula, And you are gonna be my wife Walking through the town when the streets are bare in the night Shadows everywhere, are you sure it's a trick of the light? Fear is at your heal but you kick it away, you're so sure theres nothing behind you Thats a mistake you can make just one time I bet you thought that I was a ficticous guy from the movie screen Now its far too late for you to break this date, you missed your chance to scream My only sense of humor's in a jugular vein and your neck is on the menu tonight Soon you will know what it's like to be mine [REPEAT CHORUS] As long as you live The Bride of Dracula [x3] As long as you live you'll be Waiting, waiting for the midnight hour [x8] © 2017